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Established in 1982, St Chads supports people with disabilities to gain greater independence, learn and maintain valuable life skills, improve their health and well-being, interact meaningfully with other members of the community, and do everyday things in everyday places. We also seek to break down the barriers to social inclusion and change the misconceptions people have about disabilities.

We are all about improving outcomes for our clients and believe that the success of one person or group also benefits the whole community and makes it a better place to live, play and work.

Our approach is consistent with the New Zealand Disability Strategy which ‘recognises the equal right of all people with disabilities to live in the community with choices equal to any other’.  St Chads also follows the Enabling Good Lives framework.

We currently serve almost 70 clients and employ 18 people who work around 9 FTE (full time equivalent) hours each week as well as utilising a volunteer team who provide another 1.5 FTE hours each week.

Follow these links to find about more about our supports, our ACC Tailored Supports and Facilitated Pathway Map, or our employment supports.

St Chads is a Registered Charitable Trust led by General Manager, Nicky Mayne, and governed by a Board of Trustees who meet monthly. The Chairperson of the Board is Ali Painter and our Trustees are Tess Thorne, Tups Wright, Ann-Elise Miles, Roger Loveless, Elaine Fox, and Tere Lawson.

For your convenience, you can download or view a copy of St Chads’ Strategic Plan Outcomes and Sustainability 2020 here.

If you have more questions, would like to speak to Nicky, or would like a copy of our latest Annual Report, phone 07 347 8515 or contact us on the form below.

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