Laser Plumbing & Electrical

Australia and New Zealand’s leading network of plumbers and electricians, Laser Plumbing & Electrical, will converge on St Chad’s in Rotorua as part of the trans-Tasman conference LaserCon 2018. The tradies and their families will spend a day at St Chads fixing plumbing and electrical issues in the facility, as well as performing general maintenance on the site.

Passionate about assisting a local organisation which makes a difference to the community they are a part of, the Laser Group identified St Chads as the recipient of their annual Taskforce project after contacting the Geyser Community Foundation who assists many of the regions charitable organisations.

“Community foundations understand the impact that informed charitable giving can have on good causes and organisations now, and forever. We connect people who care with causes that matter to help build better communities for the long term. We believe communities are stronger when they work together. This is a wonderful example of a group of committed and generous people coming together to make a real difference in our local community.” Annette Burgess, Executive Officer, Geyser Community Foundation

For more information about Laser Plumbing & Electrical, please visit their website by clicking on their logo.